XTREEM MUSIC promotional download area

  • Welcome to the promotional download area of XTREEM MUSIC. Here you can obtain a RAR file with complete albums on mp3 (+ high resolution album cover) of our latest releases for you to review and, if possible, interview in your webzine, magazine, radio, ETC.

  • 1st step you have to do is simply register stating the name (also country & website) of your media and also your email & password that you'll need in the future to download our upcoming releases.

  • We all know how "risky" is this thing is spreading promos through downloads, so please, don't share these files with anyone. Your IP will be registered and also how many times that file is being downloaded with your login information, so don't even spread it to anyone or your account will be suspended.

  • You can get more info about the bands by clicking on the "more info" link at the right bottom of each release info. There you can also download a RAR file containing band photos, logo & album cover on high resolution. In case you need any extra information or materials, just let us know!!

  • VERY IMPORTANT: You must be sure that cookies are NOT disabled in your browser, this will give you problems when login.